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3D Printing in Architecture

3D printing in architecture is a sort of breaking point and a beguiling advancement in today’s technology. 3D printers use resin, metal and other such materials to print 3D objects. These objects could be smaller or could be made larger by assembling smaller objects.

In architecture the main function 3D printing performs is the formation of scale models which gives an idea of the actual structure to be made. These scale models allow architects to get an accurate structure geometrically, it could be choreographed to achieve a practical sense of the model and it also could be used as a reference point during construction of the idealized 3D print.

As this progressed the 3D printing is used for many different purposes. For instance, Adrien Priestman, who is a renowned British architect, designed the first printed construction element.

At the same time, Behrokh Khoshnevis, who is now working for NASA first of all designed a new method of printing habitable structures based on the contour crafting principles and made layer by layer structures.

Other than these, 3D printing in architecture could be used to miniature models of anything. It could also be utilized to print the concrete printed form of a building on site which could be really helpful for construction point of view and it could also help to predict the flaws and pitfalls of any sort of architectural abatement which could be deadly after the actual building formation.

3D printing provides an utmost prototyping capability instantaneously. It is also used for planning and printing different new sort of design and layouts of houses, building structures and could also be used to plan a new housing society or any vast commercial area.

3D printing is superior over the pre-existing technologies as it is very time saving in a sense that it could save a lot of time which was wasted previously in making all the models and still architect was left with some sever defects in architecture. It is versatile and multifaceted. It could be used and modified to use for a large range of projects.

It also come with an ease of use and has a large scale of use. It doesn’t depend upon the size of project, be it small or large, it could function effectively and give amazing results.

So, the bottom line, 3D printing has revolutionized the architecture field and we are waiting for some more magnificent and fascinating developments in the field with 3D printing.

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