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Restore The Old Lahore

Pak indo subcontinent has seen many eras and each era has its own history, culture and architecture. It seems like Lahore of one of the favorite cities common to all the rulers of the sub continent. Mughals, British and Sikh all have contributed in their own way to the Architecture of the beautiful city of Lahore.
After the partition, Pakistani government and particularly the provincial government of Punjab has taken keen interest in the Restoration of these ancient building and monuments.According to the SPPO protection Act, if a building is older than 75 years or more it becomes eligible to fall under this act.

The following buildings in Lahore were decided to be restored under the act.

  • On the Mall – Bawa Singh Dinga Building – built 1927
  • Cathedral Church – 1887
  • Chief Secretary Block of the Punjab Civil Secretariat – 1849
  • The Deputy Commissioner Office & Nadir Hall
  • Milestone stating – ‘Delhi 311 miles’ – Mcloed Raod, Lahore
  • Muslim High School on Rattigan Road– 1911
  • Faletti’s Hotel on Egerton Road,Lahore
  • Tomb in kot Khawaja Saeed – built in 1231
  • Shah Hamid Qari Mosque built during Augranzeb’s era
  • Tomb of unidentified person in Begumkot
  • Number of houses in Begumpura and Mughul pura built by Nawab Zakirya Khan – one of the governors of Lahore during late mughul period.


The government of the Punjab also decided to restore the following monuments:

  • Kotwali police station – built 1850s outside Delhi gate
  • Pani Wala Talab – constructed by British  in the 19th century
  • Polytechnic College – opposite Jain Mandir on Lytton Road
  • Building of Mayo Hospital & Albert Victor Hall – built 1871

Separate budget approvals are needed in order to restore these historical buildings and monuments. Lahore conservation society is working hard on these projects and it is hoped that they will put up their recommendations for it’s the final restoration and preservation of the ancient architecture and history.

Once the old historical and beautiful buildings will be restored, it will not only increase the beauty of the walled city of Lahore, but will also give a boost to tourism industry. It is thus important to finish the projects of restoration as soon as possible to make these buildings and monuments worth visiting and remembering.


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