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Gwadar International Airport Expected to begin flight operations in 2023

Real Estate in Pakistan is something not different from the worldwide real estate. It has experienced its similar cyclic patterns like ups & downs in the past history.After stabilizing from the worldwide recession of 2008-2012, real estate in Pakistan has also started gaining strength once again.It is important to note the mostly and largely all real estate transactions are conducted & facilitated by real estate dealers who charge 1% commission from buyer and 1% from Seller plus there are taxes to be paid largely by buyer and few by the seller.Lahore has always been a haven for good Real estate investment, due to its city profile.We also analyze Lahore real estate market trends from time to time and bring to you useful information for your benefit.The best transparency & safety of transactions however exists in DHA Lahore.




It all started from very humble beginnings in 1975 to turn into the most attractive lifestyle residential community in 2010 which has become Pakistan’s leading Housing Society. The same DHA brand now exists in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi with their separate administrative structures.Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore has become a brand name to rely upon, for now and the future.DHA has radically grown from 4 to 11 phases. Phases 1 -6 have been developed in accordance with the latest trends and highest standards of town planning, engineering, designing and construction.DHA Lahore has come a long way to be the “Living Spirit of Lahore”. The resident community has swelled to about 150,000 residents/ members. Their municipal and social needs are being taken care of, at priority.




In DHA, you see parks, sports complexes, clubs, golf course as well as DHA cinema. All kinds of lifestyle living is provided within the community. There are vibrant life in the commercial areas in all phases. The Y block in phase III has become a hub for many international brands. All major fast food restaurants are there like McDonalds, Hardees, Pizza Hut, Domino Pizza, and Gloria Jeans. Similarly the other international brands like Mango, Shoe Mart, Splash, Baby Shop, Body shop, Charles & Keith and many more can befoundin Y Block, Phase III, DHA Lahore.Besides, you also find many local brands like HKB, Pot Pourri, Al Fatah, Amir Adnan Maria B, Origins, Ideas by Gul Ahmed and many more.The living in Defence Lahore has become a status symbol as well. People from other places, Gulberg, Model Town and other parts of Lahore also visit DHA on weekends for shopping.

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Ali Rathore is a real estate professional with more than 15 years of expertise. He has worked with customers in a range of industries, including real estate for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. He is quite knowledgeable about investment techniques, market trends, property management rules, and real estate legislation. When it comes to buying, selling, or investing in real estate, he wants to assist readers make informed decisions by sharing his knowledge.

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