Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border) Reopened After 4 Months For Trade


National Highway 35, generally pronounced as N-35 and is famous across the globe as Karakoram Highway. It also personifies the decay less friendship between China-Pakistan, two nations that are coming closer to each other by passing every single moment. Karakoram highway is 1300 km long. It starts right from Hassan Abdal in the province of Punjab Pakistan and further stretches to Khunjerab Pass in the province of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. KKH also crosses into China and called as China National Highway 314. KKH joins the provinces of Pakistan like Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan with province of China’s Xinjiang Uyghur.

It is unanimously considered as the 8th wonder of world and also offers an unimaginable attraction for tourists from all around the world. By icing on the cake KKH passes by three mighty mountain ranges of world, Karakoram, Himalyas and Hindukush. It is also accompanied by three grandeur rivers in which Indus River is at the top of all then Hunza River and Gilgit Rivers also joins the party.

Countless ancient civilizations marks are also visible at either side of KKH. Tourists from inside of country and outside the country come here to enjoy quality time and receive unlimited rounds of fun.

Among numerous significances of KKH it has another unique impact which is trade between two neighboring countries Pakistan and China. It holds strong economic ties between two neighbors. In recent times Pakistan and China have signed many a contracts to accomplish China Pakistan Economic Corridor between two countries. CPEC further ensures the enhanced ultimate level of trade between Pakistan and China. In this whole scenario Khunjerab Pass has unparallel importance and significance because all the trade is going or is planned to be gone through this pass.

Pakistan China trade border Khunjerab was reopened on 5th April (Wednesday) 2017 for bilateral trade after remained close for four long months due to heavy snowfall in the region. Khunjerab Pass enjoys indestructible importance and it is inevitable for the trade between two neighbors. Moreover without KKH and Khunjerab pass, dream of CPEC can’t be converted into reality and all the benefits associated with this project can’t be materialized. The whole world is eyeing at CPEC now just because of the multi-dimension and countless folds of the benefits that it has for its participants. KKH and Khunjerab Pass are the nucleus of CPEC and epicenter of economic prosperity of Pakistan and China.

Above mentioned all projects and contracts are meant to make life easier of the people residing at the both sides of border. Govt authorities are highly motivated and convinced that CPEC would be a game changer not only for Pakistan and China but for the whole world. CPEC’s successful deployments will magnet worlds’ wealth flow towards Pakistan and China.

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