Gwadar Influences Property Prices in Lahore Along With Other Major Cities of Pakistan


A sea port that offers warm waters coupled with a reasonable depth underneath to make even the mighty ships anchored near the harbor. Yes it is none other than Gwadar itself. During the last couple of decades Gwadar has stamped its strategic and geographic importance. The whole world eyes at this port as it has been declared as the essential part of CPEC project between two friendly tied neighbors Pakistan and China. Gwadar is also being considered as an ambassador of socio-economic development between these two countries. Both the countries are craving to make the most out of this port. Being located exactly near to international sea oil trade routes, Gwadar further takes its significance to extra miles.


The importance of CPEC and benefits stapled with this project got successful in attracting focus and sincerity not only of Pakistan Govt but of China and Army also. This interesting trio is trying to burn its last calorie to make this project flourished. Due to this a solid trust & confidence has been built in the minds of investors all around the world as well as from inside the country.


In recent past NOC were acquired by GDA (Gwadar Development Authority) and housing societies were brought on to ground by the developers. To major extent these societies have attracted low budget buyers from across the country. It further resulted as lack of interest of people in Pakistan’s other cities’ local properties.


However, there is a large amount of people who still take Gwadar as a place where they can’t invest just because they are very remote or far away from it. To their satisfaction they have initiated investing or availing the investment opportunities in their local cities. Numerous small housing societies have been inaugurated by the developers and authorities in all other cities of Pakistan where people have begun availing options according to their budgets.

Big investors who were behind the artificial spikes of property prices in major cities like Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Sialkot and Rawalpindi are taking off towards Gwadar by pulling out their investments from these cities. Consequently, all the buying options are left with the genuine buyers. It has brought down these artificial sky high property prices at their realistic ground level especially in Lahore.

It has further opened the gate of countless buying options for serious and genuine buyers. So Gwadar undoubtedly is a game changer not only for China and Pakistan’s bilateral trade but it is also forming the real estate trends and affair inside the country as well. Gwadar is unquestionably bringing the property prices in Lahore as well as in other major cities of Pakistan at their justified level by embossing its own importance.

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