Real Estate Investment in Pakistan And its Bright Future

As a country facing many troubles from all ends, Pakistan may appear a less fertile country for real estate investment but the stats about his sector advocates otherwise. For quick profit taking, the market may not be evenly lucrative throughout the country yet the capital growth of property in long term is quite convincing for the investors. One of the healthy signs about Pakistan’s realty market is that, as compared to many businesses in the county, it offers the highest return on investment. The experts are optimistic about the future of Pakistan real estate and present following points in support of their stance. There are different opinions about the percentage of middle class in Pakistan.




According to some experts, the size of the middle class is 60 million while other researchers believe that this number is too good to be true as country’s GDP has decreased and inflation has increased in the last few years. Yet, there is quite heated debate going on in different forums about the rising middle class in Pakistan, which suggests that the purchasing power of a big chunk of people has notably increased. Since real estate investment is interest free and offers huge capital gain over time, sooner than later the middle class would definitely be drawn to this sector.The housing shortfall in Pakistan has reached 8 million, which simply means that 80 lac people in Pakistan have no home. Despite the comparatively low cost of building material, Pakistan’s construction sector failed to meet the housing needs of the people and this number increases every year.




According to certain studies, it was found out that the labor and building material in Pakistan is the cheapest in this region. Pakistan real estate can truly benefit from these two factors. With the rising middle class, this housing shortfall should narrow down. The country would soon witness some actual and real activity in near future.The housing sector in Pakistan now offers the living standards that managed to attract the attention of overseas Pakistanis. In fact, the entire extension of DHA Lahore beyond Phase X is primarily because the increased demand from overseas Pakistanis. Just like all other sectors that benefit from foreign exchange sent home by Pakistanis residing all over the world, real estate too is reaping its fruits. The best part of this entire scenario is the thought behind investment made by these Pakistanis, who believe that they eventually have to return to Pakistan.


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