Take a Look at the Recovery of Real Estate Sector in Pakistan

After the clearance given by the Government of Pakistan, the business situation of real estate sector in Pakistan has been cleared, although there is some ambiguity in the minds of investors yet. The buying and selling activity is still slow and people are still waiting whether they go for taking risks or stay back and wait for the good time.It is reported in the real estate circles that the prices of real estate in all the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Multan and Peshawar are stable in the last few months and there are no major changes in the scenario during this particular period. There are only a few exceptions in some areas, especially in those societies where properties are available in installments as people are thinking that there is some chance of improvement here.When we talk about specifically in major cities where real estate sector has established itself as a business, the situation is not up to the mark, although the investors and real estate agents are hopeful that the situation will improve in the coming months especially near the budget.


Real Estate Sector in Pakistan


Real Estate Investment in Lahore

Lahore is a central point of investment due to its stability, development and better law and order situation and here, Defense Housing Authority is a point where all investors love to come and invest, but when we talk about the situation in the recent months, it is not impressing anyone as the laws and regulations of the government created a fear in their minds.LDA Avenue is another society where downfall has been experienced and the prices have been stable since last one year or so. Except these two societies, some activity has been started and there are upward trends so people are now moving towards these small and secure investments.

Real Estate Investing in Islamabad

Islamabad is another property hub for Pakistanis but when we consider those areas where investments have been made in the recent years, the situation is stable. Some moderate growth has been examined in Bahria Town while other societies are giving you the instructions to remain silent and wait for a better time in six months or so.

Real Estate In Karachi

When we compare Karachi real estate sector with other two major cities, it is showing some positive changes there. It is due to the fact that the stability has been experienced in this city regarding politics, law and order situation and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. DHA has developed its reputation in the minds of the investors in Karachi while DHA City has been showing upward trends as well.The launching of Bahria Town and stable situation in Gulshan-e-Iqbal also play their role in the stability in the real estate sector in Karachi.

Gujranwala City Housing Scheme

Gujranwala is another city where real estate sector has established strong and it is due City Housing, Master City and DHA Gujranwala. The performance is not up to the mark in this city, but still, those people who are in Gujranwala, still have the belief that there is some juice in these societies and they can extract it.The overall situation of real real estate sector in Pakistan is dismal, but now some signs of recovery have been experienced and examined and the real estate agents are hoping that there will some activity in the mid and end of this year in property business.

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