The Changing Face Of Real Estate in Pakistan

Internet penetration is surging in Pakistan, with more than 30 million internet users and 15 million smartphone users. This shift from offline to online has affected the real estate sector in Pakistan big time.Gone are the days when homebuyers would have to engage with real estate agents, follow up with them or drive around localities they are interested in, to find their dream home. It is not only time-consuming, but also involves the risk of house-hunters missing out on all that is on the market.With the advent of online real estate websites, homebuyers can now search from the comfort of their homes. They can use the search filters on the websites and list down all their requirements to find a wide array of properties tailor-made for them. Moving forward, they can shortlist the properties they like and then set up meetings with concerned agents/sellers to proceed forward. Hence, all this saves house-hunters time and helps them to find their dream property in an efficient manner.


Having an online presence is no longer a choice but a must have for real estate agents, developers and property sellers especially in Pakistan because the traditional scenario of finding the houses for sale, rent etc. is changing everyday. The trend is being followed by stakeholders of the real estate industry, with the bulk of the sector acknowledging that online tools are now an integral part of searching for a new home. Moreover, as smartphones are becoming increasingly affordable, the use of online house-hunting services is expected to become more widespread. Hence, it is imperative for developers, sellers and brokers to have an online presence.

Moreover, if we compare the cost of offline marketing, a quarter page advertisement on the front page of leading newspaper costs around PKR 300-400k, with no set method of measuring its performance. If developers and sellers advertise their properties online, they can use the analytics to see email, telephone leads, number of views, call-back requests, etc. which will not only help them in monetary form where they can find more and more customers but here they can also advertise themselves in-front of the target market which is perfectly suitable for their business. So it does not matter if you want to sell a house in DHA or if you want to rent out a portion in Bahria, the online portals will help you out in every matter of your business. The real estate sector is thus a booming sector in Pakistan where the metropolitan cities like Lahore offers numerous investment options in areas like DHA, Bahria, Johar Town, Wapda Town, Iqbal Town, etc. One can achieve real benefit out of this sector for sure.

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Real Estate in Pakistan

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