Emerging Architecture Trends in Pakistan

A country with its architects and some landmarks of uniqueness are its peculiarity. In our major cities such as Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad there is a certain way of making buildings and this is set for some time. I comparison to other developed countries we are still behind those architectural masterpieces designed and constructed by other countries’ architects.

With the passage of time these trends are also changing and we are transforming into new trends and these emerging trends in Architecture surely will help to have some new masterpieces of architectural qualities.

The design language of most of the buildings in our major cities has yet to reach its peak and to achieve some high standards but even now there are some of the buildings which has set a new pattern and design for architects in progress.

Some of them are due to many reasons which are mentioned in detail:

Global Influence

Inspiring from the developed countries and general global trend is a key point in emerging of new trends and that leads to nowadays proper finding of the buildings and houses. Nowadays high rising buildings and commercial Centre are also the main change in the normal streamlined of the architecture and this is all due to global influence.

Increased Communication between east and west

This has led to a change in the general pattern of the design of buildings as it is the reason behind emerging new trends because when Pakistani people go out there in other countries, live there, and enjoy living in those high life quality buildings it automatically shifts the designing pattern from old ways to new trends.


Nowadays the Renovations of old houses is also a major emerging trend in the Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Old house vast backyards could be renovated and recreated to develop into something new recreational and soothing such as some sort of relaxing spaces. A special attention to landscaping is also a new trend in major cities of Pakistan.

 Going Green

Green is not only a buzzword anymore. It is really allurement for modern day Architectures and Designers and it has come a long way to its present form and now in the present day it is preferred over almost every other Construction design in the market.

These all changes lead to a new renovated building structure and will set a new design language for all the architects out there.

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