Green Construction Practices

The new trends in construction surely involve the green construction practices.Green construction also named as sustainable building is a sort of construction practice which involves the amount and quality of material used which is environmental friendly and responsible and is also resource-efficient in as sense that it maximizes the supply of materials with minimal wasted natural resources.

In green construction practices material and process used is of such kind that is endurable form the starting till its end. Starting from design of building leading to construction, maintenance and renovation all are so environmentally responsible that it is practice on a large scale and has become a new fashion of construction.

Explaining in other words, one can think about green construction practices as those practices which involves house building and regarding a balance between building and sustainable environment.

These practices of new era give a durable and believing accompaniment to the classical designs of the building with all concerns addressed properly such as economy, utilization and level of comfort provided.

The materials used in these construction practices involves thermal, electromechanical and moisture-based products. Solar panels, solar roofing, ceiling, solar energy appliances are all examples of such products which are durable and environmentally-responsible.

It lowers the toxic emissions and it also involves the such kind of materials that are energy saving and could deal with energy crises and could also help to prevent it in future.

These buildings other than above listed benefits also provide a better life style to its inhabitants as it provides with more natural light and air flow making the building more ventilated and that ventilation is helpful in having a better quality of life.

These buildings also come with less maintenance and energy costs due to their structure and compared to other conventional structures it is energy saving.

But, beside these benefits, it also comes with some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is the high cost in start of the construction of a building as it is 5%-10% costly than other conventional buildings.

The lack of awareness and incentives to have these type of buildings is also another pitfall of these construction practices.

Other than these drawbacks, these practices could really help to overcome energy crisis and could lead to making Pakistan a developed country with no energy crisis.

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