Restoration Plan of The Oldest Mosque

The Mughal Architecture and history never fails to surprised us. We all know about the famous Badshahi mosque and the Wazir Khan mosque but very few of us might know about the Marium Zamani Mosque .

The Marium Zamani Mosque is called the mother of all mosques and it was one of the first mosques that were constructed in the Mughal era. The mosque is located inside Masti Gate. The mosque is constructed of brick masonry and rendered with plaster. it was decorated with several inscriptions, both Quranic and non-Quranic, which would also be restored. Among the non-Quranic inscriptions, the one over the arch of the entrance gate and another on the high facade of the prayer chamber are important, as they record the names of the founder and the date of completion of the mosque.


It was built by the Emperor Jahangir, for his Mother Mariam-uz-Zamani, also known as Joddha Akbar the wife of Jalal ud Din Akbar.
It has been decide by the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) to rescue and restore one of the oldest Mughal era mosque , the Mariam Zamani Mosque. It was claimed by WCLA that several encroachments are present due to which it is difficult to restore the ancient mosque.

Though the mosque is small in structure than the Wazir Khan Mosque, it is decorated with rich fresco which can still be seen intact in some parts.
At the moment, the mosque is not even visible to citizens because of heavy encroachments of Rim Market. The Marium Zamani mosque was once the entrance to the Fort, it is now surrounded by heaps of iron rims.
WCLA claimed to be working for the rehabilitation of the mosque
WCLA claimed in a meeting that the Rim Market was established at the time when there was Lorry adda nearby but with the passage of time, the market expanded and thus the encroachments covered all the area surrounded by the mosque.
Local residents are of the view that they would welcome any sort of cleanup operation for the Restoration of the old mosque. If it will be restored, it will become a great tourist attraction like wazir khan mosque.


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